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Stupid Party
"first 7"

$4 digital

Stupid Party is one of Brooklyn's most fun bands. They recorded this 7" and were cool enough
to let Starcleaner put it out. The art was done by Elanor. This record got around so fast that it's
already been repressed and sold out again. A classic 7"!
Check out this review
from Maximum Rock n Roll:

So I may be a dick, but this looks awful, has terrible packaging, and appears
to be part of a scene I don't really jive on
(looks like some dirty Cometbus/HICKEY- obsessed schlop). But as soon
as needle hits platter, I'm floored- I can't think of what
it sounds like, and I know the jokes on me. Unpretentious, killer garage-pop; fuzzed,
drinking-alone-in-my-room punk. I want to
drink beer, smash glass, and spray-paint the walls. Fuck, this is killer; one song
reminds me of SCRATCH ACID, which is so off,
bit agghh, I'm really frustrated and this rules. "1234" is going on my next mix tape.
This could be on Goner or Shattered or any
other stupid label, but it's way to real and punk for anything. Top ten of the year t
hey be headed. There is so much surface
noise I love itttttttttttttttt.... -(RR)/Maximum Rock n Roll

Stupid Party from Brooklyn NY