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This flashback clip features Brian Jonestown Masacre performing at
Starcleaners in 1995. The quality is pretty low, but it is a great glimpse
in another time.

This flashback clip stars Shellshag in 1998 playing a yet to be released
song called "When I Go" in Shag's bedroom at Starcleaners.
Shellshag began this way, playing acoustic in private and didn't play
a live show until years later with the exception of 2 Valentines Day
shows at Sadie's Flying Elephant in 1999 and 2000.

This flashback clip stars Tim Knittle as Zedina and Cass. Brought you by Mr. Brian. 1993
Filmed at 97 Webster St SF CA by Jen Shag. Jens Shag's 23rd birthday party at her Lower Haight
apartment she lived in with artists Tim Knittle and Mr Brian in SF CA in 1993. This clip is Tim as Zedina
with Peter Casselly. The only attendee. Shag filmed this. Zedina popped out of a huge birthday cake
for Shag and sang happy birthday for her and a live audience at the DNA lounge earlier that night.
However, Jen missed it because she was at band practice with her new band that had no name yet.
This incident spawned this clip. Check out some photos by Cass.

This flashback clip is from a 1997 live show at Starcleaners
in San Francisco Ca. It features the band Hickey
playing a song called "Seans Mohawk" and
a song called "California Redemtion" from
their self titled full length LP on Probe Records

50 million and Hickey
hickey million 7"