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Kreamy 'Lectric Santa
"operation spacetime cynderblock" lp

$10 digital

Kreamy 'Lectric Santa helped establish the punk rock/noise scene in Miami in the 90s,
where bands like Harry Pussy, The Stun Guns,
and Los Canadians got to play Churchill's, now coined as Miami's CBGB's

Thrashing guitars mixed with multiple effect instuments, violins, and heavy hitting
bass and drums, KLS' "OSC" offers the best in heavy psychedlic grunge.
Two years in the making and KLS' first release in 14 years, this is
their masterpiece! Its a punk rock "Magical Mystery Tour"/ "Smile"

Kreamy 'Lectric Santa from Oakland CA.

These are the things that make life so precious!!!!!!! Approx. 19 years???? and still awaiting a sign to finally stop doing this shizzitte . Kreamy 'Lectric
Santa,"Kreamy et/al"-Creamy Electric Shitsock (or KLS as our punk fans who are too embarrassed to call us by name) is (or are) not grounded in any specific
genre or style we have and will continue to aggressively explode and/or meadow lark in a special place where musique concrete, Psychedelic, Post punk, free
jazz, free country, bubblegum, no wave, death metal,bluegrass and other assorted crap normally never meet. we were once citizens of the paved tropical
rainforest known as MIAMI FRIGGIN FLA.----- KLS made a home mostly at Churchill's Hideaway ( once a wondrous dive bar/Glory hole in little Haiti that we
helped somewhat establish as one of the few and often only underground/punk/ alt/noise space in Miami in the 90s) Playing with locals as diverse as
The Fuck Boyz, Trash Monkeys, Chickenhead, Los Canadians, Harry Pussy, Stun Guns, Laundry Room Squelcher's and Cavity we toured somewhat often
in our ol leaky 86 Econoline (which sadly died and was abandoned in Middletown Pa) we released only 1 official CD (2nd on the way) as
well as a 7" every 2 or so years. I (Robert) and Priya have successfully reformulated with Chris J (Drunk Horse), Morgan (Tulsa-Black Rainbow-50 Million)
and soon Timmy Putt (Los Canadians, Hello shitty people). Currently mulching in the East Bay (ca) following Priya's tragic spinal injury in 99 and longterm
bassist Andrew Ross Powell's (Stun Guns, Straight Youth) death in 2003. Kreamy et/al have been playing in and around The East Bay/San Fran "Cisco".
and even a quick gig (or 6) in Miami. Were currently taking barely plausible minor league control or so we've been told by our friends whom have
severe mental issues and rarely speak to us. A new 7" and Cdr release on Digestive Systems still available and a New limited
edition full length 12" and CD (with free online downloads) "OPERATION SPACETIME CyNDERBLOCK"