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Static Faction
"hindi rock punk raga"

$10 digital
vinyl lp sold out



The ultimate psychedelic noise band, Static Faction, drums,farfisa, guitar,and bass.
The band began in 1994.
The best track on this record is "hindi rock punk raga"...multitracks layered on four track cassette.
There is even a track recorded live in the tunnel
at golden gate park. Brillant sounds.

Droney jams and thrashy guitars
on this, the bands first full length release.

Static Faction from San Francisco CA


Zingy Clingy

According to Static Faction guitarist J.Lee, their first gig- a show at the Purple Onion- clocked in at a sparse 19 minutes. Now a year old
the band had more to play at a recent Friday night show at the Peacock Lounge. The ultra-comfy confines of the venue made it feel like a
backyard kegger, and the filled to capacity room had people sitting at tables,standing in front of the makeshift stage, and lying on the
floor. Arriving midset, I found that there were no more bottles of Heineken at the bar, only cans of Bud and Miller. Many seemed well on there way to
a sloshy good time as Static Faction charmed the crowd with fuzz-pedalled sweet nothings, chords and burbles from the farfisa and a moog-type
organ, and a whole heap of artistic temperament. Organ player Steve Ackerman's style more then once recalled the Who's "pinball wizard," with
fast and furiousarpegios, most noteably on "Flyhunter". Lee's guitar work creaked and reeked of noise soaked damage. And moments
before their noodling grew tiresome, Static Faction took the crowd into a tranquil bridge and then busted out of the stoney psychedelia
Drummer Jennifer Shagawat offered halftime beats to allow the crowd to trance a bit. They did. Lee's guitar lines in these moments
held the crowd in puppet strings. The circus porn of "transcience" used Ackerman's chromatically ascending and descending farty
farfisa bass line figures and Lee's seemingly tuneless guitar leads to spin the listener into a mini-chasm of nausea. Each beat of
Shagawat's snare registered like a can-can dancer's kick. Static Faction puts its music first. Lee's voice is little more than mush mouthed bratty
prattle, with an occasional falsetto thrown in for variety, but it adds wonderfully to the mix. The band was all smiles when it coaxed its
instruments to sound out, and the resulting din that rose seemed to be it's defining mark, a sonic fingerprint.
by Howard Myint