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Thee Headliners
"rain and blood" lp

$10 digital

Thee Headliners Latest all original LPCD, RAIN AND BLOOD, was released on
Starcleaner March 2009, in conjunction with Family Plan Records.
Dylan "Hamburger Chubs" Reilly (Juanita Family/Birds of War) on harmonica and bass
was just what was needed to take Thee Headliners to the next level. It is also bolstered by the keyboards
of our good friend Roach aka. Sugar (formerly of Fireballs of Freedom/Starantula) and the
sweet vocal back ups of Miss Lana Rebel (Juanita Family) and MLE Butler (Juanita Family.
The record was recorded at Great Magnet Recording Concerns by Rob Westo.

Forged from the ashes of a harsh breakup between Holly and JT, Thee headliners began as a duo,
a bandaid for the pair's bruised relationship. Wearing it's influences proudly, from
pre-rock Americana's folk and country roots to 60s' soul , from jazz and murder
ballads to garage rock, the band's sound is like a snowball effect of the
past 90 years of american music all rolled into one distortion heavy package.


Thee Headliners from Portland OR