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The Reaction
"right now" lp

$20 vinyl lp + digital
$10 digital

The conditions of the Reaction's activity explain both its discipline and
the forms of hostility it encounters. they are interested
not in finding a niche in the present artistic edifice, but in undermining it.
the Reaction is in the catacombs of visible culture. our times
thus compel us, once again, to write in a new way. some elements
will be intentionally omitted; and the plan will have to remain
unclear. listeners will encounter certain decoys, like the very hallmark of the era.
as long as certain notes are interpolated here and there,
the overall meaning may appear: just as secret clauses have
very often been added to whatever treaties may
openly stipulate;just as some chemical agents only reveal their
hidden properties when they are combined with others. however,
there will be only too many things which are, alas, easy to understand.

Right Now Review
One of the most thrillingly adventurrous punk bands I've heard in quite some time,
local trio The Reaction describe themselves
in press materials as "the Small Faces meets Black Flag". And it's true!
But wait-ther's more: on their recently released Right Now (starcleaner),
these three spit-fires manage to shift effortlessly from snotty
Mummies-like garage rock ("It's About Time") to jittery ex agitprop ("the Contract") to some inspired
nods in the direction of Wire and MC5. Then there's "Hello at Last", a scrappy dance number that's one
half mod shimmy, one half boot-stompin' slugfest. Vicious!-Todd Lavoie

The Reaction from San Francisco CA