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"sour digs" lp

$10 digital

Tulsa's "sour digs" was recorded in Tuscon AZ in 2006. The record was mastered by John Golden in Las Angeles.
This 12" vinyl record came with a cd included and custom silk screened art. The vinyl is presently sold out, but
we have this release available on cd and it can be downloaded at itunes. The release date was July 1st, 2007

"There's a difference between forms and formulas.
Tulsa oozes the tradition of East-Bay pop punk: handwriiten lyric sheets, songs
about cheap alcohol, love's trapdoors, friends dying too soon,
all slid in a great silk screened cover (along with a CD), all
conceptually held together with duct tape. You know, the current
hallmarks to a tried and true DIY punk release. And you know
what? It still rules after you kinda know what you're gonna get.
Give me songs about failure and still willing to bite back. Give
me Shotwell, the almost breathlessness of This Is My Fist,
the warm rug-pop charmof the Bananas, that huddling up in a
wierd poncho of the Abi Yoyos. Sour Digs feels like a family affair;
a nationwide family of bands, a family you're invited
to join, just by listening along to this record. Shit like this makes me smile.
Todd at Razorcake

One of my favorite local bands to see (although they are hard to catch
cause they are always on tour). I have a bunch of
garbled cassettesnand of coarse the split with The Answer Lies
but if I'm not mistaken this is their first LP. Viewed in person
they are often a sweaty mess of drunken choruses and falling-
over-drums, but captured here in glorious stereophonic vinyl,
they harken back to the heady days of cllassic East Bay punk.
Yeah, what I'm saying is the record sounds like Crimpshrine
(maybe with the addition of some melodic Replacements guitar).
You get the idea. Raw, catchy-as-flu sing-a-long DIY punk.
AM/Maximum RR

Tulsa from San Francisco CA