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This 8" tall plastic toy sculpture
has a detachable club with a usb
device fitted inside. Plug the
USB device into your computer
and you will find the new
Triclops! album "Out of Africa",
out now on Alternative Tentacles,
in high quality digital format!
Also loaded into the 1G USB
drive is an exclusive video
and tons of other bonus features.
The Triclops! Noize Toy is 8"
tall and weighs 1 3/4 pounds.
It was hand sculpted and
plastic casted by designer and
Noize Toy inventor John C.
Driver, A.K.A Shellhead.
Each Triclops! Noize Toy is
hand painted and is part of a
limited edition of 50. This
is an all new way to buy
digital music, only available
here at!!!
The Triclops! Noize Toy is the
first in a new collection of
music coming to you from
Starcleaner Records in the form
of a Noize Toy; Plastic toy
sculptures fitted with a
USB device that contains a
new album of a band, along with
bonus features! Each Noize Toy
will be distinctly different
and will reflect the style
of the band- A new exclusive
invention by John C.Driver,
A.K.A. Shellhead and Starcleaner
Designs (patent pending)
The Triclops! Noize Toy is
completely hand made from
start to finish and is a
revolution in D.I.Y. digital
music. It is priced at $75.00


The Triclops! album "Out of
Africa" is a new release from
Alternative Tentacles, and the
albums availability on this
Noize Toy comes courtesy
of Alternative Tenacles.

Operating system compatability
Windows XP/2000
Professional/Home Edition
Windows ME-Windows 98SE
Windows 98-Mac OS 9 and higher
USB 2.0 high speed mode is
not supported by Windows 98,
98SE,ME and Mac OS
This device can be used with
a USB 1.1 interface on
these OS: Windows 98,98SE,ME
and Mac OS9
To use this device in USB
2.0 high speed mode you need
to connect it to a computer
which supports USB 2.0,
a USB 2.0 card or board




Hailing from right here in the bay area,
Triclops! including John Geek from
local punk heros Fleshies on vocals,
piece together a super interesting
combination of weird rock elements.
One moment angular and furious, while
another blissy and tripped the hell
out, and still at another just plain
super rocking! The vocals are processed
and effected, the guitar is furious
and fierce, and the rythym section is
just about as tight as can be,
churrning out an ever-changing, multi-
metric pummelfest of pure rock brutality.
All the songs on this way too short
document are great, to be sure, but
the ONE for us is definetly the 10
plus minute epic, "Bug Bomb". Within
this track, all the disparate elements
that makes this band awesome perfectly
coalesce. Super proggy acid-punk to
begin with, breaking down into some
suprisingly melodic pop, before getting
heavy and crazy to round it out. Excellent!
Triclops! are also one of the best
local live acts we have here in SF,
and they seem to play all the rad
shows around these parts.


OUT OF AFRICA released March 25th, 2008
on Alternative Tentacles featuring cover
art by Lee Harvey Roswell.

TOO MANY HUMANS released August, 2007
7" picture disc vinyl on GSL Records
Limited to 500 copies

CAFETERIA BRUTALIA released Feb. 6, 2007
12" picture disc vinyl on Missing Finger Records