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FUTURE VIRGINS "Western Problems" LP


Western Problems was recorded at Revolution Sound Studio in Chattanooga TN by engineer Mike Pack, best known for the recording of
The Black Diamond Heavies debut album Every Damn Time. Western Problems will no doubt catch the critics eye as well, as it is filled
with catchy hooks, melodic harmonies, and great lyrics, all complimented by the high quality of the recording, which was mixed by
David Barbe and mastered by John Golden. Western Problems was recorded in 2010 and it is co-released with Plan-It X South

"I dare someone to try to knock this out of its current 'best record of 2011' position" -Chris Mason/Razorcake

"Rather, Future Virgins' old-school influences help them retain a distinct sound
that is simply more fun and danceable than their contemporaries." -Darren McLeod/punkrocknews.org

"After releaseing three fantastic 7-inch EP's over the course of a couple of years (each one
better than the previous), Chattanooga's Future Virgins have put out the best record of 2011." -Aaron Lay

Future Virgins from Chattanooga TN

Plan-It X South