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"Why'd I Have to Get So High?" LP

$20 vinyl lp + digital
$10 digital

Any musician you talk to that is familiar with Shellshag regularly uses one word to describe
these DIY stalwarts: Inspiring. Over the years, the duo has grown into Brooklyn’s answer
to Dead Moon, transcending the simple label of “a band” and becoming an institution in their
own right. They are true out-and-out lifers, in it for the long haul, and a reminder that
perseverance is key in any artistic endeavor.

Why’d I Have to Get So High? is Shellshag’s fifth LP, and the culmination of 20 plus years
of resilient effort and artistic growth. Recorded by Jerri Queen (Vacation) and
John Petty (Vacation, Sleeves) at The Lodge (Kentucky), the sixteen tracks represent
the band at the peak of their career, reinforcing their stripped down sound with
additional instrumentation and the occasional lush arrangement, and guest
appearances from members of Vacation, Tweens, Pretty Pretty, Swim Team,
and Black Planet, and from long-time collaborator
Marissa Paternoster of Screaming Females.

'90s Problem (Official Video)

Blowing It (Official Video)

50/50 (Official Video)