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The Icky Girlfriends
"ziggy buttsweat" cd

$10 digital

In 2005, Starcleaner Records approached a group of young teenagers called
The Icky Girlfriends and offered to put out a record for them.
The band was comprised of two fourteen year old boys and a sixteen year old girl
and had first grabbed the attention of the Starcleaner
crew at their live performance with 50 million in the summer of 2005.
Three and a half yearsvlater, the now defunct band, split up and
relocated, has finished piecing together the record for us that was intended to
come out in 2006. It was recorded by Brian
Hamilton of The Fleshies and Adam Croche. This is a plit release between
Fraggle Rock Ent. and Starceaner records


The Icky Girlfriends from San Francisco CA